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How to Contact Us

For information on the Adult Center of Prescott, in the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center, and any of our programs and services, please contact us at:

Adult Center of Prescott

1280 East Rosser Street, Ste.B
Prescott, AZ 86301-5651
Phone: 928-778-3000
Fax: 928-541-0595

Office Staff:

Executive Director
Joan Shay (

Assistant to the Director
Carolyn Hollon (

Rentals (

Kathy McFadden (

Events & Facilities
Steve Western (

Member Services  (
Toy Casteneda
Cheryle Lee
Katie Pollock
Kathy Stemm

Facilities / Events / Maintenance
George Hill
Rand Schwan
Brad Skoczylas