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Laugh Your Stress Off! with Margaret Zhao

Event Date: Sat Apr 22, 2017

Event Time: 7:00 PM

A Humor Therapy Comedy Event with Margaret Zhao!

April 22, 2017, 7:00 pm

Advance Tickets: $7.00, or $10.00 at the door.


"She has the best outsider's view of our society since Yakov Smirnoff - a very entertaining lady!"  - Jeff Jena,  Manager, Irvine Improv. 

  "Margaret's constant consternation at American society and her witty observations make her fresh and outrageously funny." - Arnold Bernstein, Prescott AZ.


About Margaret:

Margaret Zhao, the winner of the Sharp Writ Book Award for best memoir,  Really Enough, will weave her incredible true story from the dust and hopelessness of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of her past, to the green rolling hills of the East Bay. As a teacher of Qigong, Tai Chi and Chinese healing arts, Margaret Zhao will present her unique blend of humor, movements and demonstration to bring you a remarkable evening of laughter and energy.  

Her stand-up comedy debut was in 2000 at various improvs, dinner clubs, churches and other venues. She has performed at the Irvine Improv, the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Rotary Clubs of Orange County, CSU Fullerton, American Fibromyalgia Association, Orange County Vegetarian Club, Pleasanton New Comers Club and many more.  

​With her inimitable charm, sincerity and humility Margaret engages and energizes her audience. Treat yourself to an evening of hilarious fun and uplifted spirit.

   Do you have a sense of humor? If the answer is a no, you will need to join us and be pleasantly surprised by yourself because everyone has a sense of humor! Laughter has proven to reduce stress, relieve pain, energize the body and even possibly heal diseases.  Standup comedian Margaret Zhao will teach how to discover your own sense of humor, how to identify humor, how to be humorous, and most importantly, how to benefit from laughter.

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